This is a segment that we, the EvilGen-eye, like to call “things we care more about”…

While perusing today, I came across today’s breaking Entertainment news.  It was about, wait for it…KATE GOSSELIN’S NEW BOOB JOB!!! Wow, I’m so glad I finally found out about this, and that I’ll be able to sleep tonight.  I had really been wondering if she had opted for plastic teetays, and who convinced her to do so, but now that I know it was her bodyguard’s idea, all is well in the world. That was a close call.

You can see Kate’s breaking news story for yourself below.

Kate Gosselin\’s Teetays

Now, things we care more about than Kate Gosselin’s boob job:

1. how many red lights a cab driver waits at per day

2. how many hairs my dog loses daily

3. the number of pines needles on the average christmas tree

4. how Mr.T came up with such a stylish ‘do (years ahead of his time)

5. why I “Can’t Touch” that, MC Hammer…